To be sincere, I don’t know exactly how it started all, but now I am happy that in one day we thought about it.

The idea wasn’t too clear, in our souls was more the feeling to go. I asked Bogdan aka Ratza about his oppinion of going from New Delhi to Beijing in five months. I saw a spark in his eyes and just looking without saying nothing, in that moment I knew that he will join me. Travel is changing me day by day and I am becoming another man. My soul starts to tremble and I feel the sweet pain of the road through my feet.

The days passed and we started to prepair by buying the Lonely Planet guides and trying to find more about each country and establishing out itinerary. We agreed that we don’t want to follow a strict itinerary and we maked just a plan about the trip.

On 2nd of December 2008 we will fly from London to New Delhi. From there we will go to see India and then from Calcutta we will fly to Thailand. From here we will go in Laos and from Laos to Cambodia. After Cambodia comes the time for Viet Nam and then we will be heading to China and the Great Wall.

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So now let the story begin …

From New Delhi to Beijing

From New Delhi to Beijing